Auto Loading + Unloading by Robot + Tube Bending

Left & Right Bender + Robot

This CNC tube bender, SB-52X10A-2S-V-U + Robot is features an all electric tube benders which is equipped with Left + Right Bending Technology , with automatic loading and unloading by Robot, the tube bending capacity up to O.D. 50.8mm

The new SOCO CNC Tube Bender combines Draw + Roll + Dual Direction Bending Way technology. This line is especially suitable for complex parts and shapes, such as automotive exhaust pipe, healthcare and fitness equipment. It equipped with 10 electric CNC axes, 2+2 bending stacks and uses SOCO’s unique DGT technology (Direct Gear Transmission). 

It may also be optionally provided with Automatic Loaders ( AF / AFM / ROBOTS ) and Automatic Unloaders ( AUL / ROBOTS ) for full automation. This series tube bender can offer one of highest performance solutions available in the market.