At SOCO, we offer an innovative and solution based R&D team, with over 67 working patents around the globe. From the latest 3D designing software to stress relief and simulation tools, we choose to use cutting edge technology to continuously bring customer-driven solutions.  

SOCO has trained and nurtured a team of professional design engineers, working closely with our customers to understand their needs and expectations. This allows SOCO to continue developing, changing and creating new customer-oriented machine and equipment. 

At SOCO, we own a strong R&D team for developing and innovating. And we apply cutting edge 3D designing technology, such as AUTO CAD, for greater efficiency in development. For certain series of Tube Bender, equipped with 3D software and operation interface. Operator can operate the CNC machine by easy way and raise the performance. Each of our design engineers has received the proper technical and hands-on training, achieving customer satisfaction through research, new techniques and innovation.