OD 30mm 汽车头枕弯管机 , 左右共向弯管

SB-Headrest Master

OD 30mm , For Car Headrest Tube Bender

The new SOCO CNC Tube Bender is part of the “Car Headrest Bender” Line, which is equipped with Left + Right Bending Technology for maximum flexibility and minimal interference.  The “Car Headrest Bender” line is especially suitable for complex parts and shapes, such as automotive headrests, fuel lines, heating and cooling systems.  It is equipped with 5 electric CNC axes, 3 bending stacks and uses SOCO’s unique DGT technology (Direct Gear Transmission).  

It may also be optionally provided with Automatic Loaders (AF), Groove and Seam Detection systems and Automatic Unloaders (AUL) for full automation.  SOCO “Car Headrest Bender” series tube benders can offer one of highest performance solutions available in the market.