TB-38, OD 38.1mm 双头弯管机


OD 38.1 mm Double Heads Tube Bender

Chosen for its unparalleled productivity, the TB-38 tube bender is able to make 2 bends X Multiple tubes simultaneously.

Here are some of the advantages of this Globally Patented design:

  • Standard with 90 degree head rotation for 3D bending
  • Stationary clamps to maintain the tube in position before bending
  • Arc movement of bending heads results in the highest production rates available for any tube bending machine
  • Lowest setup times with quick change tooling design and readout for length and angle settings
  • Production speed: 3.8 seconds – 25.4mm X 2t X 90 degree, 2 tubes at one time
  • PLC control for easy operation and maintenance
  • 90 degree head rotation allows for completion of 3 Dimensional part with accuracy
  • Full-cycle bending & half-cycle bending
  • Individual bending angle setting for each bend head
  • Readouts for setting of bending angles and straight distance between bends
  • May bend 2 bend and 2 tubes simultaneously ( OD25.4mm x 2 tubes )
  • Center distance between bends from 196mm to 1700mm