SB-20X4A-3SV , 1D弯管 + 4轴数控弯管机 + 20mm 弯管管径


OD 20mm, 4 Axis + Roll + 1D Bending Tube Bender

SB-20X4A-3SV CNC tube benders combine Draw, Roll and 1D Bending technology. This combination allows 2 different fixed radiuses and multiple large roll bending radiuses in a single part, as well as a programmable carriage boost for CLR = 1D Bending.  Coupled with Individual Pressure Die Systems assist in each draw bending stack, it brings superior performance and flexibility.

The MRV series tube bender offers small radius bending + Roll bending + 1D Bending in the same machine.

Machine Features  

  • With SOCO’s unique DGT technology 
  • Rack pinion feeding
  • SOCO Proprietary Operating Software
  • Multi-stacks for Draw and Roll (Large Radius) bending
  • Programmable Boosting Force for 1D Bending
  • Ability to bend parts with “0” straight lengths
  • Programmable arc lengths for large radiuses
  • Roll Bending Springback compensation settings
  • Special bending compensation and data storage fields
  • Low noise level with highest transmission performance