SOCO SB-38NC , OD 38.1mm 液压控制弯管机


OD 38.1mm NC Control Hydraulic Tube Bender

SB-38NC tube benders equipped with NC control unit with Touch Screen Interface. It combines easy-to-use operation with high bending accuracy and cost effectiveness. It is the practical semi-automatic solution for small to medium productions. Up to 9 programmable bends and 4 / 8 length stoppers.

Machine Features: 

  • OD 38.1mm hydraulic tube bending machine
  • NC control unit with Touch Screen
  • Up to 9 programmable bends
  • Easy operation interface and enable easy data input
  • Large program capacity storage
  • High bending accuracy up to +/- 0.15
  • Self diagnosis & error messages on-screen display
  • Hydraulic clamping with optional pressure die assist
  • Suitable for various materials such as steel, stainless, aluminum and copper
  • 4 or 8 length stoppers ( Optional )