Tube Bender 3D Software + Collision Simulator

For the Operator and Production:

Ease of Use and Quick Setup

  • 3 Pages Setup – Up and Running in less than 5 minutes
  • Graphical Interface for Tube Data + Tooling + Parts Input, with Immediate 3D display of programmed part
  • Quick Map Access to Any Pages from Anywhere in SOCO i2 Controls
  • Automatic Tooling Interference Zone Calculation

Powerful Functions:

  • Springback Compensation for Draw and Roll Tube Bending
  • Gripper + Positive Feeding Modes, Recapture for Short lengths, Tube Raw Length Calculation
  • Programmable Mandrel by extraction time, angle, sequence and lubrication
  • Elongation Ratio Display + Cycle Time
  • Simultaneous Running of up to 4 Different Files
  • Parts Counter with Targets + Rejection (NG) Parts Counter Reset Function
  • File Editing Ability while in Bending Mode

High Productivity

  • Timer and Movement Controls for Clamps and Other System Settings
  • Action Sequences : Multiple built-in sequences for Automatic Offset moves between bends
  • Teach Mode: Interpolation / Simultaneous Movement of multiple programmable axis
  • Overmode:Add and Customize movements between bends + special functions

For R & D + New Parts Design:

Powerful Features for Creation of Parts and Reverse Engineering

  • Data entry for both XYZ and YBC coordinates
  • XYZ to YBC / YBC to XYZ coordinates conversion
  • 3D display and rotation of parts + Mirroring and Image Reversal
  • Built-in Connection to CMM Measuring Arms from all major manufacturers
  • Built-in Connection to AICON Systems
  • Bending + Cutting interface (with 2C Systems)
  • Bending Simulation and Collision Detection Software (Optional)
  • SOCO VRM: Arc Radius Measuring + Data Input into i2 Controls for Setup of Large Radius Parts (Optional)
  • Off-Line i2 Controls for Development, Simulation and Data Analysis (Optional)
  • SOCO CAD Reader – Import 3D Files and automatically fill in coordinates and tooling info (Optional)

Roll Bending Setup (V Series):

  • Arc Radius Calculator with Automatic Recommendation of Bending Arm Position (Angle)
  • Programmable Ratio between Feeding and Bending Axis
  • Non-Stop Roll Bending (bend to bend) to achieve superior bending quality
  • Springback Compensation for Different Materials and Roll Angles
  • VRM - Reverse Engineering and Measuring Tool (Optional)

1D Booster Bending Setup (V / SR / PT Series):

  • Carriage + PDA Booster settings’ page
  • Boosting Setup at Different Angles with Graphical Display
  • Up to 15 Different Boost Setups, with ability to choose different setups for each bend

For Service and Maintenance:

SOCO IRMS (Internet Remote Monitoring System): Internet Ready

1.True Remote Access from Anywhere: Connect to i2 Controls using any mobile device, computer or laptop (Windows, iOS or Android) from any location with Internet Access

2.Actual Screen + Real Time Access to Bending File, with full ability to see, edit and troubleshoot all user created programs

3. Live Remote Connection to Manufacturer and Service Support with Ability to Call + Message + Record at the same time

4.Maintenance Scheduling Systems

  •       Advanced Table with Detailed Maintenance Items
  •       Customizable Alarms for Daily, Weekly, Quarterly and Yearly Items
  •       Maintenance Records connected to User Login

5.Built-in Self-diagnostics + Error messages display + I/O Tables with Descriptions

6.Webcam Ready for Video Monitoring (Optional)

For Management:

User and Data Control + Production Data

  • Windows 7 System
  • Ability to connect to Internal Network, USB and / or Cloud Systems
  • Advanced File Management Systems for Part
  • Independent Tool Library allows sharing of tool data to other machines or plants
  • User Management :
  • 3 Security Levels + Ability to Create over 1000 User IDs
  • Completely Customizable Access by User
  • Login Control + Hard Key Access
  • SOCO Production Report System (Optional): Ability to see Production Statistics by Periods and by User
  • Access to Machine and Production Data from anywhere using SOCO IRMS.