TF-80-2-IOE , OD80mm 管端成型机



The SOCO TF Tube End Former Series is widely used in numerous end forming applications and industries, such as automotive exhausts, furniture, air conditioning, among others. These machines are different than conventional end formers, due to their low setup, high flexibility, superior precision and compact design. 

These machines go up to 82 mm in size, and incorporate hydraulic operation and touch screen control. They may be fitted with 1 or 2 operating stations to process operations on tube ends and are suitable for both straight and bent tubular parts.

C Types

The C Type machines are designed for common end forming applications including tube expansion, reduction and slotting. The C type machines use segmented tooling consisting of expanding segments and reducing jaws, with extremely quick setup (drop down tools).

E Types

With similar capabilities as the C type, the E type adds a Ram and Vise Forming feature, which allows it to form even more complex shapes, such as various types of beading and flaring processes, among other kinds of end forming.

IO Types

The I/O type is used for precision sizing of tubes, and uses a combination of expanding segments and reducing jaws for accurate control of the inside and outside diameters. These can be sequenced in any order for improved accuracy and reduced ovality. The I/O also incorporates a touch screen control for quick setup.

The I/O type is used for the highest accuracy and control of the inside or outside diameters (I.D./O.D.) of the tube. Unlike tooling systems used in the C and E type, the I/O type tooling is comprised of a set of inside expanding fingers and outside reducing jaws. These can be sequenced in any order to give improved sizing accuracy and minimal ovality.

The IOE Types

This type combines the flexibility and features of both the IO and E types for maximum production possibilities